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Benefit of Green Cleaning

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The Benefits of Green Cleaning

The primary benefit of Green Cleaning, with its emphasis on cleaning for health, not just appearance, is a cleaner, healthier building. A healthier indoor environment translates into many concrete, bottom-line benefits for building owners, managers, service personnel and building occupants.

•  Economic – increased productivity, ROI, energy savings; reduction of hard and soft
operating costs.

•  Environmental – using more renewable raw materials. The extraction of raw materials to
manufacture janitorial chemicals, supplies, equipment has a significant impact on the environment,
as does the transportation, use and disposal of these items. Many of the raw materials are not a
renewable resource so they are depleted and will not be available for future generations.

  •  Social/Professional – gain respect for our industry. Historically our industry hasn’t considered
the social impact of cleaning. We can’t expect people outside our industry to engage us as
professionals or look at cleaning with respect unless we respect ourselves.

Increased Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Productivity

Excessive VOCs, airborne dust and other indoor pollutants can cause numerous health problems among building occupants and workers, resulting in increased absenteeism and lower productivity on the job. The average American spends 80% of their time each day indoors and the EPA ranks indoor air quality as one of the top 5 risks in the US. A recent study estimated that the value of increased productivity and reduced absenteeism among office workers from better cleaning methods could be as high as $160 billion nationwide. Another analysis estimated that businesses could realize an increase in worker productivity up to 5% through improvement in indoor environment through better ventilation and cleaning methods.

Reduced absenteeism is a key issue with public schools. A study in the Syracuse, NY school system showed improved cleaning practices increased attendance by more than 11%, resulting in an increase of $2.5 million in state reimbursements. Other studies in elementary schools show a marked increase in standardize test scores from 20-50%. Total illness has decreased by 20-30% in surveyed schools.

Improved worker recruitment and retention
A healthy indoor environment improves morale among existing employees, reduces turnover and facilitates recruitment of new personnel. People want to work in a healthy environment.

Potential greater rental income and building value
More tenants are aware of indoor air quality and will actually spend more per square foot in a “green” building. USSA Realty Company reported an .80¢/sq. ft. increase in market value of environmentally sustained properties.

Lower costs
Better cleaning procedures and safer products can significantly improve the health of building occupants, reducing healthcare and insurance costs. Experts expect insurance companies to offer lower rates for Green Cleaned buildings in the future. Green Cleaning can also reduce the cost of environmental protection to the community as a whole. Correcting a problem at the source, such as using safer products, costs significantly less and is more effective than taking corrective action downstream at a later date. Recent California studies have shown a 20-30% yearly savings due to more efficient water use and a 20-30% savings due to more efficient heating and cooling systems.

Fewer complaints 
As the public has become more aware of the hazards of poor indoor air quality, building occupants have become increasingly intolerant of substandard maintenance. If the building is maintained better, there will be fewer complaints from the occupants.

Compliance with new governmental regulations
In recent years, state, local and federal governments have increased their regulation of VOCs and other hazardous chemicals. By using less toxic chemicals, green cleaning helps insure compliance with current and emerging regulations. A number of states and municipalities have started creating tax incentives to encourage more responsible construction and maintenance procedures to protect people and the environment. There are numerous states and local municipalities that have mandated selected forms of Green Cleaning and more will be forth coming in the future, especially in the education sector.

Longer lasting buildings
Green cleaning extends the life of a facility’s carpets, floors, furnishings, computers, HVAC systems and other components. This reduces replacement costs and saves the owner money in the long-run. Recent surveys have shown as much as .30¢ to .70¢ annual savings per square footage total operational costs for the building.

Better public image
With the increased publicity the indoor and outside environment has received in recent years, Green Cleaning will create a more favorable public image for companies in their communities.

Source reduction
A main component of Green Cleaning is the use of concentrated chemicals through a chemical management system versus using ready to use products. This will make an impact on the materials dumped into landfills each year. Also the use of recycled materials, paper and plastic, will impact the source reduction.

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