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What is Green Cleaning?

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“Let the green cleaning experts keep your home or business healthy and safe for your family, children, employees, pets and the environment.”

How BaliGreen Cleaning Benefits You :
– No toxic cleaning materials in your home or business
– Safer for your family and / or employee
– Safer for your pets
– Safer for the environment
– Improved indoor air quality
– Save Money

in addition for Business Owners :
– Increase employee productivity and reduce absenteeism
– Advertise your business as ‘green or environmentally friendly’
– Increase your bottom line

Why Green Cleaning ? – The Problem
At BaliGreen’s Cleaning Service, Inc. we understand that we live and work in an environmentally sensitive area. We have the villas, hotels, wetlands, estuaries, beaches, etc. as well as the creatures and people who live in this area.
We also realize that as the population in this area increases and the stress on our environmental ecosystems grows, so does our need to be a responsible ‘steward’ of our environment. As such, our business works to reduce the impact of hazardous chemicals on our environment, employees, and the public.
We understand that use of any harsh chemicals in our home or business, will ultimately make their way into the environment, via the air or water, and may affect the long term health of people, animals and sea creatures.

Our Solution – Go Green
Green cleaning is done using products, equipment, and procedures that do not endanger our environment, employeess, or the public.
Traditional cleaning products are made with chlorine, ammonia or other toxic products. Many of these products have been linked with skin irritations, respiratory infections, and even cancer and other serious health problems. Using traditional cleaning products has been found to be a direct factor in employee illnesses; thus, affecting employee absenteeism and thus impacting your bottom line.
The relationship between using traditional chemicals, productivity and absenteeism, not only affects janitorial companies, but also those living or working in commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, and homes which are cleaned using those chemicals.
Bali Green’s Cleaning Service has totally phased out the use of traditional chemicals for environmentally safer cleaning products, ergonomically effective equipment, and procedures. BaliGreen’s Cleaning Service, Inc. is a leader in the ‘green cleaning’ industry and was the first and only company on the Treasure Coast to become totally green in our cleaning methods. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of our clients and for the environment and the public.

Our Philosophy
We understand that green cleaning is a comprehensive way of doing business.  Green cleaning is more than just using some nontoxic products.  It is a concept and lifestyle change where the clients are using these products but also looking into other environmentally safe products and ways of doing business themselves.  We envision an environmentally healthy community and a healthier workforce.
Many strides have been made in the janitorial services industry to improve the way janitorial companies have been doing business for years.  Many traditional chemicals and products have now been replaced by environmentally safer products that are cost effective for companies, and clean as well as the traditional harsh chemical cleaning products.
Our company has moved forward with others in industry who are committed to improving the environment and health of the general public.

The Green Cleaning Plan
We draw up a customized (location) building-specific Green Cleaning Plan for all our clients. This plan lays out the methods by which a facility is cleaned effectively while protecting human health and the environment. In addition to typical cleaning concerns, the Green Cleaning Plan shall have:
– A comprehensive communications plan established with the client/company. This starts with management and will expand to the on site foreman or manager.
– A green floor maintenance plan for clients/companies.
– A routine cleaning operations maintenance schedule for each facility.  We will also have a schedule for cleaning inspections, and an accident preparedness plan.

Green Cleaning Equipment
BaliGreen’s Cleaning Service, Inc. uses equipment such as color coded micro-fiber cloths and mop heads.  The color coded system is used to prevent cross contamination throughout the residence/facility.

This color code system has different colors for cleaning different areas of your building. For example, red is used for the cleaning of areas where sanitation is a priority like toilets and urinals. Yellow is used for the specialty cleaning areas like sinks and general restroom cleaning. Yellow may also be used to clean gymnasiums, laboratories and floor care projects. Food service areas or kitchens use green cloths and pads. Blue is used for general use in offices, hallways and reception areas.

We use mop buckets that have dual compartments to prevent rinsing of the mop in used dirty water. The extra compartment allows the mop to be rinsed in clean water to prevent dirty water from being used on the floor that is being cleaned.

We also use Carpet and Rug Institute Green Label vacuums.  The vacuums types are back pack types and up rights.  These vacuums have a four filter filtration system that retrieves and traps 99.97% of dust, dirt, and micro particles and prevents them from being reintroduced into the building environment.  The American Lung Association has also given their approval of these vacuums due to the superb filtration system. This helps to ensure that your indoor air quality and environment is improved.

Green Cleaning Practices
BaliGreen’s Cleaning Service, Inc. utilizes the ‘TEAM CLEANING’ approach to service our clients.  The team cleaning approach allows the residence or facility to be cleaned in a systematic way.  It allows for cleaning duties to be designated to a cleaning technician and thus provides total accountability for the cleaning done in the residence/facility.

Green Cleaning Products
BaliGreen’s Cleaning Service, Inc. uses cleaning products that are Green Seal and/or EPA certified to be environmentally safe. Our floor cleaning products are also Green Seal and/or EPA certified.
We use paper products such as C-Fold hand towels, paper towels, and toilet paper that is made from recycled paper.  The trash liners we use are also made of recycled materials.  We use plastic spray bottles that have been recycled from plastic baby bottles.

What is Green Seal?
Green Seal Certified products have been scientifically tested by a non-profit organization devoted to environmental standard setting product certification and education. ‘Green Seal’ works towards environmental sustainability by identifying and promoting environmentally responsible products, purchasing and production.

What is EPA?
The Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA) has also become an agency that recommends green products, equipment and procedures for government agencies, schools, and residences.

green house“Go Green and Save Green”

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