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“Let the Green Cleaning Experts green your new building.”

BaliGreen’s Cleaning Service, Inc. offers construction cleaning as part of our services. Why clean your new building with harsh cleaning products?

This is especially important in cases where you are trying to build in an environmentally friendly way.

We offer our clients a green cleaning service that ensures better indoor air quality and protects our precious environment. We have changed our cleaning practices and products to environmentally friendly ‘green certified’ products and procedures.

We offer three types of construction cleaning:

ROUGH CLEAN:  The first trip to the site just after construction.

– Consist on removing all trash or other debris inside the building to the dumpster or to the site designated by the Site Superintendent.

– Clean the paint residue on the windows left from the painter’s initial clean up.

– All manufacturer stickers, or other labels will be removed from all windows inside and out.

– Ensure all door frames, sills, and tracks are clean.

– Vacuum tracks to windows and sliding glass doors when required.

– All tubs, showers, marble tops, countertops, vinyl, etc., should have protective coverings. These coverings should stay in place until the final clean to protect the items.

– If the building has a fireplace, all debris should be removed from the fireplace.

– All the trim inside the building should be cleaned.

– Cabinets, vanities, drawers shall be wiped clean on the inside and outside with no residue of sawdust, dirt, etc.

– Clean all utility closets, furnace closets, storage areas, garages, etc.

– Water heaters and water valve boxes (washing machine/dryer area) will also be wiped down.

FINAL CLEAN:  The second trip to the site in preparation for the inspection by the Owner, such that the Owner could, if they desired, take possession of, and occupy the unit upon completion of this initial inspection.

– Clean vinyl, hardwood, parquet, and oak flooring, corners on stair treads, bathtubs, showers, sinks, and countertops. All should be covered and protected when the cleaning crew arrives.  The cleaning crew should remove all protective coverings.  Protective items that can be used again, such as floor coverings, should be stacked in the garage to be moved to the next job.

– Cardboard, plastic, etc., should be removed to the dumpster or to an area designated by the Site Superintendent.

– Dust all walls, trim, etc., to remove all remaining dust and sanding residue.

– All tracks of horizontal sliding glass doors and windows will be cleaned.  Windows and sliding glass doors will be cleaned inside and outside with a glass cleaner clearing them of dirt, dust, etc.

– Clean tubs and sinks with a nonabrasive cleaner, rinse, and dry to a shine.

– Clean and shine all plumbing fixtures and related trim to a sanitary condition.

– Wipe down any medicine cabinets, mirrors and bath accessories.

– Vacuum, and polish the exterior of all cabinets, drawers, other stained woodwork and vanity tops to remove any streaks, construction dirt, fingerprints, etc.

– Any chips or damage to tubs, toilets, sinks, counters, drawers, etc. should be reported to the Site Superintendent.

– Carpets shall be thoroughly vacuumed and small spots will be cleaned. Any larger areas of dirty carpet or large stains must be reported to the Site Superintendent.

– All doors, doorframes, and window ledges shall be damp-wiped.

– Appliances shall be clean and polished on the outside and wiped clean and free of dust on the inside.

– Garage, storage area, stoops, patios, and walkways will be broom swept.

– Fireplace mantels, thresholds, will be cleaned.

– Ceiling fans and AC vents will be wiped free of dirt, dust, etc.

– The cleaning crew will notify the Site Supervisor of any damage they find to the property.

TOUCH-UP CLEANING:  The third trip shall be a touch-up cleaning if required by the Contractor’s Superintendent.

– Do touch up dusting if necessary.

– Vacuum floors if necessary.

Our Guarantee –

At BaliGreen’s Cleaning Service, Inc. we pride ourselves on ‘Customer Satisfaction’, your satisfaction, and this is the basis of our Gold Label ‘Take it to the Bank’ Guarantee.

Your BaliGreen’s Cleaning Service Guarantee –

“If for any reason you are unhappy with our service, we will send our cleaning team out again to make it right, at our expense.”

Contact us for more information or call our office.

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